Air Purifier Vs Humidifier

The Fact is both are great devices but it actually depends on the need you may need air purifier or humidifier

so if you are looking to buy Air purifier or Humidifier or just confused with which one to choose or which one is just best for your home requirement

well our this post is all about Air Purifiers vs Humidifiers
we will go through everything You need to know about air purifier and humidifier,

and we will try to resolve your Question about
which one to choose from Air Purifier or a Humidifier

to explain it better which one is better from Air Purifier vs humidifier

we have broken down this guide in 4 different parts

Air Purifier vs Humidifier

we will go through

  • Purpose and how humidifier and air purifier work
  • What are the benefits of using Air Purifier and Humidifier
  • and a side by side chart comparison of Air Purifier vs Humidifier

Purpose of Air Purifier

the purpose of the air purifier is just to drive the air to a machine and then it passes through the air through a series of filters
the filters in air purifier trap the impurities and release the fresh air from another the filters in air purifier remove impurities like dust, pollution particles, Smoke, bacteria also

Purpose of Humidifier

The way humidifier works so differently, a humidifier adds the moisture back into the air by pumping small spays of water vapor into the air and create a mist and the more moisture it fills into the air the less dry your room air become
A humidifier can help you from snoring, Spread of Airborne Viruses, Dry Skin, Damage of wood and your furniture made with wood

Benefits of using Air Purifier

as we have already aware that Air purifier can prevent the Pollutants, dust, smoke from the air and can clean the air for you to breathe, and by breathing the fresh air there are several benefits of that You can read more about those benefits Here

Benefits of using Humidifier

a humidifier can work like magic in some needs like in some viruses and problems which can cause from dry air so some of the major problems in which humidifier can help you like prevent from snoring, Spread of Airborne Viruses, Dry Skin, nosebleed, Damage of wood and your furniture made with wood for more about humidifiers benefits you can check out this post here

Which one to choose

now you know how air purifier and humidifier works and their benefits also let clear some more information with the following chart can help you make the decision which one to choose from

TypeAir PurifierHumidifier
MethodAir FiltersWater
PurposeRemove Impurities from airAdd moisture to the Air
BenefitsRemove dust, smoke, smell, pollution, impuritiesHelp in dry skin, nosebleed, keep room warm, help reduce viruses effect


so I hope this detailed guide about air Purifier vs Humidifier has cleared your all queries related to the air purifier and humidifiers also let us know in the comment section if we missed anything


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