Best Single Serve Coffee Makers

If you are alone or staying away from your family and need a coffee maker that can serve all your needs and help you make the best coffee then all you need is a single serve coffee maker which can make coffee for one person. Single-serve coffee makers are compact and occupy less space when compared with other coffee makers that make more cups of coffee and for more people.

The best thing about single-serve coffee makers is that you can use them in any coffee pod, press a button and in a minute or so your coffee will be ready, they are really easy to use and easy to maintain. They even do not require hours of cleaning, all you need to do is clean with every once or twice a month and they will be fine. They are very convenient and you can also make different types of coffee using a single machine, they are easy to use so not only you anyone in your family can make a single cup of coffee without much technical knowledge.

Also, buying a single-serve coffee maker is a hectic task as there are many coffee makers available in the market, and choosing the best among all these brands will be a tedious task.

So here we are, we will help you by making a list of best coffee makers available in the market and if you don’t like them then you can have a look at our buying guide that will surely guide you to the best coffee maker in the market.

Advantages of having a Single Serve Coffee Maker:

Here are few bullets on why you need a single-serve coffee maker and advantages of it:

  • No wastage of coffee.
  • It is very convenient if you need a cup of coffee every time.
  • It is very easy to maintain and clean.
  • It is compact and does not occupy much space on your kitchen desk.
  • Single-serve coffee makers can be used to make espresso’s, hot cocoa, tea.
  • It is consistent and can serve you coffee every single day but remember to clean it so that you can fresh coffee every day.

So, firstly let’s talk about the best coffee makers present in the market.

1. Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker:

The best machine that can be perfect for someone who is alone and away from your family, even if you are with your family and want coffee from time to time then this is the best machine anyone can get.

It is very easy to use and very easy to get along. It is convenient to use and perfectly designed to suit your kitchen style.

It is compact so it is portable and takes very little space on your kitchen desk. It also comes with a removable drip tray which works very easily with travel and standard mugs and also makes cleaning very easy. It comes in five different colors which are black, blue, rhubarb, patriot, and coconut white and you can choose a color that perfectly suits your kitchen decor.


  1. It comes with hot water on demand options that can help you get hot water when required.
  2. It comes with five different brew options i.e., you can brew tea, coffee, hot or cold regular coffee, and hot cocoa by clicking a button.
  3. It has an auto-on feature that helps to start brew automatically.
  4. You can get the temperature control option so that you can set the temperature of the brew.
  5. It also comes with hot water on demand option that helps you get hot water for oats or soups.
  6. Dimensions: 13.1×9.9×12.7 inches
  7. Weight: 6.6 pounds.
  • You can choose the strength of the brew and choose strong brew if you like strong coffee.nYou can also brew hot, cold coffee by adjusting the settings of the coffee maker. nIt allows you to brew in 5 different sizes i.e., 4 ounces, 6 ounces, 8 ounces, 10 ounces.nIt makes the fastest brew as it has a brewing time of less than 1 minutenIt also comes with an energy-saving mode.nIt comes with auto on/off which turns the machine off when idle for more than a few minutes. n
  • It might be costly for some people. nIt is a non-programmable coffee machine.nYou can use K-cups but if used it causes a bad footprint. n


  • What do you get inside the box?

    Ans: You get a water filter handle and a filter that helps you to increase the taste of your coffee.

  • What is the size of the water reservoir which comes with the machine?

    Ans: It is of 75 ounces which helps you to brew up to 8 cups of coffee without refilling.

  • Can it make an espresso?

    Ans: No, you can brew coffee, tea, hot cocoa but not espresso. For espresso, you can check the rest of the article we have added a few espresso single-serve coffee makers.

  • What is the temperature of the beverage dispensed?

    Ans: It is in the range of 187 to 192 Fahrenheit.

All these make the Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker the

best coffee maker

2. Keurig K-55 Coffee Maker:

Now setting up this coffee maker does not take much time, it takes very little, about 5-10 minutes. Once you set it up all you need to do is fix it in the pod and then press the buttons to choose your brew size and your coffee will be served.

You can also choose the blend of your coffee or tea and you also get stainless steel for free with the coffee maker. It also comes with these simple features that make it the best single-serve coffee maker like it has this water level indicator, descale indicator, and also has an indicator that tells whether the water is hot enough or not.

It also comes with a one-year warranty so you can get all the hardware fixtures done in case of any failures.


  1. It comes with a removable filter that improves the quality of your coffee.
  2. It also comes with a huge 48-ounce water reservoir so you can easily get 6 cups of coffee at once.
  3. It comes with an auto-shutoff feature so that if you leave your machine alone for a few minutes it turns off automatically.
  4. Dimensions: 13.3×9.8×13 inches
  5. Weight: 9 pounds.
  • It is user friendly and very easy to use.nIt also heats up very quickly so that it takes less time to brew and you get your coffee in no time.nIt also works with any K-cups making it more user friendly.n
  • You cannot change the brew strength of your coffee.nYou need to clean it regularly so that your cup doesn’t smell bad. nIt is limited to 110/120 volts.nIt is slightly heavy. n


What is the height of the coffee maker?

Ans: It is approximately 15 inches tall and you need an additional 3 inches to open the top to insert the cup.

Is this model a dual voltage one?

Ans: No, it runs on 110 Volt.

Does it come with a filter already?

Ans: It comes with two water filters which makes a delicious coffee.

3. Keurig K575 Single Serve Coffee Maker:

                                                              If you are looking for the best brand then you are in the right place. Keurig is a household name these days and what better than the best brand for household use. Keurig coffee makers are the ideal coffee maker anyone would like to have in their home.

Their single-serve coffee makers are even better. They are not too cheap but not too expensive as well.

The only motive of the single-serve coffee maker is to make super-swift coffee without losing the quality of the beans. It comes with a touch-screen display that enhances the user experience and is easy to use even if you are someone who isn’t aware of all the technicalities involved in the machine.

The Keurig K575 machine is an automatic programmable machine so it allows you to program your brew and automatically turns off the brewer once the coffee is done. It also keeps your coffee hot for a limited time, so you can say it comes with an energy-saving option as well. As it comes with an oversized water reservoir you can make up to 10 cups of coffee at once without refilling.


  1. It has a large 80-ounce water reservoir which is perfect for making coffee 4-5 times a day.
  2. The machine also allows you to change the temperature of the brew according to your requirement.
  3. Press the hot water on demand button and then select the brew size to get hot water according to your need.           
  4. As mentioned above it comes with this huge touchscreen display which is programmable and user friendly.
  5. Dimensions: 10.43×13.63×13.45 inches
  6. Weight: 12 pounds.
  • You can brew multiple K-cup pods of sizes 4,6,8,10,12-ounces. nYou can also brew a carafe of 22, 26, 30 ounces using K-carafe pods. nYou can also control the strength of your coffee using the strength control settings. n
  • You need to buy the carafe from online or offline stores, separately.


Is the body made of stainless steel or plastic?

Ans: The external part of the machine is made of plastic which is completely BPA-free and the internal parts are made up of stainless steel.

Can I use my coffee and make 18-ounces of coffee in a travel mug?

Ans: Yes, you can use your coffee.

How tall is the Keurig k575 machine when you open the coffee pod compartment?

Ans: It is 17.55 inches tall with the lid open.

4. Hamilton Beach 49981 Flex brew 2-way brewer:

If you want a coffee maker that is simple and works on a classic drip machine then Hamilton Beach would be a better option for you. The best thing about the filter is that it uses a mesh filter that is pretty easy to clean and very easy to use. It is a compact machine so it doesn’t occupy much space on your kitchen desk.  

Making coffee is very easy to make because all you need to do is that pour water in the machine press two buttons and your coffee is ready in minutes. There are many single-serve products from Hamilton such as the “scoop” which is best if you have to hurry every morning. It brews an 8-ounce cup in 90 seconds which is considered to be fast but brews 14-ounce cup in 2.5 minutes which you can consider as slow brewing but to make the perfect coffee you can give 2.5 minutes.


  1. It comes with two brewing options, regular and bold which can be set depending on the type of coffee you want.
  2. You can use regular coffee mugs or travel mugs with this machine.
  3. Dimensions: 8.37×6.7×8.67 inches
  4. Weight: 5.3 pounds
  5. Wattage: 1.3 watts.
  6. It has a sturdy body and is made up of stainless steel.
  • The mesh filter is eco-friendly and easy to use.nYou can use your ground coffee.nThe mesh filter is reusable. nIt is easy to clean and convenient to use. nIt comes with an automatic shut-off so it shuts off automatically when idle.nYou do not need K-pods or regular pods to get your coffee. nIt comes with an adjustable drip tray so that you can adjust it according to the cup size. n
  • The mesh filter leaves some ground coffee traces which you can remove using paper filters. nIt has a small water reservoir.nYou need to take care of overflowing. n


What is the height of the drip tray to the nozzle?

Ans: It is approximately 7.75 inches long so an 8-inch travel mug would fit well as the nozzle is convex.

Does it need filters?

Ans: It comes with one mesh filter but you can use a paper filter to reduce the grounds from your coffee.

What are the actual dimensions of the machine?

Ans: The coffee maker is 12 inches tall, 6 ¾ inches wide and 7 ½ inches deep.

5. Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker:

                                                             If you are looking for a stylish coffee maker and are looking for a small and compact body then Nespresso Pixie Maker is the best one. But the disadvantage that comes with the machine is that it cannot brew regular coffee but if you are a big fan of espresso then you can get this because this machine makes an amazing espresso. It uses original Nespresso capsules to brew different flavors which include Full and balanced Roma, creamy arpeggio, and many more. It can also brew coffee faster than other machines, just FYI it can reach the brew temperature in 25 seconds. You can also set the duration of each brew cycle so that you get hot coffee every time you want. It is very easy to clean because you can remove all the used capsules into a special receptacle that is already present in the unit.


  1. Thermal block heating element and fast preheating time.
  2. It has an automatic and programmable feature which helps you to program the coffee volume.
  3. It comes with blacklight indicator
  4. It also comes with a water level indicator and also comes with a removable water tank.
  5. It has a 24-ounce water tank.
  6. It has a 19-bar pressure pump.
  7. Dimensions: 12.83×4.33×9.25 inches
  8. Weight: 7.65 pounds.
  • Compact and occupies very little space on your kitchen desk.nIt is very easy to use and is convenient for anyone to usenIt has a sturdy body and best design.nTakes the fastest to reach brewing temperature. nIt also comes with a power-saving mode. n
  • It might be noisier sometimes.


Can I use reusable pods with the machine?

Ans: No, it can ruin the taste of your coffee.

Can I use it to heat water for tea?

Ans: Yes, you can but the same water runs through the espresso capsules so your water might taste slightly like it

How do I get pods for this machine?

Ans: You can get them online, as they have a wide range of pods.

Now as we are done with the products here is a short buying guide and things to consider while buying the best single-serve coffee maker for your home.


  1. Brand and Quality: Now while choosing the best single-serve coffee maker you need to take care of the brand and choose the best brand, and especially if you are looking for a household brand then Keurig is the best if you want editors advice, or else you can choose among the performance of the coffee makers. Also, you need to take care of the quality of the exteriors and interiors of the coffee maker and also the quality of the coffee it serves. The two most important things you need to take care of while buying the coffee maker.
  2. Water reservoir: Now the next important thing to take care of is that the capacity of the water reservoir.  The more the water reservoir capacity, the greater number of cups of coffee it provides, and the less refilling it needs. So, you can try and get the coffee maker with more water reservoir capacity but if you need only a single cup of coffee the water reservoir capacity only matters when you need more cups of coffee for the day.
  3. Brewing Size and Controls of the machine: Once you have selected the best brand and the water reservoir capacity you can now check the brewing size of the machine, this matters because if you are someone who drinks more coffee at once or drinks his/her’s coffee in breaks then you need to get a coffee maker that has more brewing capacity. Also, check for the controls such as adjustable brew temperature and different brew options so that making coffee will be an easy task for you.
  4. Budget: The most important thing other than parts of the coffee maker is the budget. You need to get a machine that is in your budget because going out of a budget for a single-serve machine might not be a good option. Mostly all the single-serve machines are available in budget and are of the best brands. So try getting all the options in a single machine which comes in your budget or else even if you are getting a branded machine with some basic options you can go for it because all the features are not compulsory in a machine.

Other main features that you can look in a coffee machine is that the water filtration system of the machine, the size of the machine whether it occupies less space or more space on your kitchen desk, whether it is portable or not, what is the brew strength of the machine, can it be brewed in normal, medium or strong brew strength, is it programmable or not, is it an automatic machine, can it brew espresso or not, can I use K-pods or not, all these features are not at all compulsory in your machine but can be very useful if they are already present.


Now once you are done looking at the buying guide now you are ready to go out and buy a coffee maker for yourself but remember to keep these things in mind so that you get the best coffee maker.

So in this article, we have given you information about why do you need single-serve coffee makers, what are the advantages of having a single-serve coffee maker, what is a single-serve coffee maker, and a buying guide you need to get the best single-serve coffee maker. So choose wisely.

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