How To Clean A Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

If you are a coffee person, then you would know the importance of a coffee maker. Without a coffee, maker life is pretty difficult for you. If you are a morning coffee person then a coffee maker is a must for you, because you cannot waste time turning on the induction and making coffee on it. Now if you have a coffee maker then you need to keep it clean so you can enjoy the taste of your coffee every day, otherwise, the coffee you would be getting will be really bad, and bad coffee in the morning makes your day bad.

Also, you might wonder why do you want to clean a coffee maker from inside? Although a coffee maker looks great from the outside and you can clean it by dusting, according to a survey held by NSF international in 2011, it stated that the inner part of a coffee maker is the 10th germiest place in your kitchen. So, from next time ensure that your coffee maker is clean before making your cup of coffee.

Hamilton beach coffee maker is a two-way brew coffee maker as it contains a single-serve coffee maker or a full pot of coffee with 12-cup carafe. It has a stainless-steel body and is fully programmable, which helps to set the brewing time to 24 hours forehand, so when you wake up you have your coffee ready for you, either it is morning or it is late night. It is compatible with larger cups or travel mugs so you can use short cups, travel mugs, or a carafe. It also comes with some smart features such as keeping the brew regular or bold which increases or decreases the strength of coffee, you can keep a hot warming plate or not, it’s up to you.

The single-serve brew coffee comes with mesh filter so that it can hold the ground coffee and it also comes with multiple cup rest sizes so that you can adjust the size according to the size of the cup.

So First let me list out a few reasons why you need to keep your coffee maker clean.

How to clean and descale coffee maker
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Reasons To Keep Your Coffee Maker Clean:

  1. So that the coffee tastes better.
  2. So that the coffee maker lasts longer: The most important reason you need to clean your coffee maker. If you clean it every weekday or once a month then you can increase the life of the coffee maker. It also prevents water mineral deposits in your coffee maker.
  3. Speeds up the brew time: Now, if you do not clean your coffee maker then as mentioned in the above point, water mineral deposits are stacked up in your coffee maker, i.e., calcification from hard water in the heater pipes of the coffee maker, so because of which the heater takes more time to brew coffee then the usual time, that’s one more reason why you need to clean your coffee maker from time to time.
  4. You can check the coffee maker window: If you clean your coffee maker from day to day, then you can check the number of coffee cups your machine can produce each day. If you do not clean your coffee maker then as coffee stacks up, the number of cups the coffee maker can produce decreases day today.
  5. Cleaning keeps the shine on: When you regularly clean your coffee maker, it removes the brown strains caused by tannins inside the coffee pots. So, cleaning also helps in keeping the shine on, in the coffee pots.
  6. Clean all the hidden parts of the coffee maker: You need to clean all the hidden parts such as brew basket, the permanent filters, drip tray, hot plate, etc., You can also wash them in the dishwasher but check the manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning them in the dishwasher. Now once you have understood these reasons, here are some methods you can use to clean your coffee maker and make it free from yeast and mold.

How To Clean Your Coffee Maker:

Cleaning Auto- drip coffee maker with vinegar:

As mentioned above not cleaning your coffee maker regularly mineral deposits from water and coffee stack up in your coffee maker. Now, if you want to clean the coffee maker the best way is that you use vinegar and water solution.

  1. Take two cups of vinegar and water.
  2. Now, turn on the coffee maker and turn it off after 30 seconds. This ensures that the vinegar moves into the hidden parts of the coffee maker. Now you need to wait for 30 minutes and then turn the coffee maker on again, and once the brewing process is completed you can turn it off.
  3. Now, you need to do this 2-3 times with pure water with a break so that the machine cools, and then it is cleaned completely without leaving any traces of coffee and water minerals.

Cleaning the coffee maker’s hot plate:

You can clean the hot plate on the coffee maker by using a wet paper towel so that it soaks the stains on the plate and then after few minutes you can remove the wet paper towel, and then you can wipe it.

Cleaning the stainless-steel exterior:

Cleaning the stainless-steel exterior is very simple and easy. All you need to do is wipe the exterior with a damp cloth and then clean it with a dry cloth to get the shine on.

Cleaning 2-way flex brew coffee maker:

  • Cleaning the carafe side:
  1. Now, press the carafe button on the front side of the coffee maker so that you can select the carafe side.
    • Now, pour 2 cups of vinegar into the carafe water reservoir, but remember to keep the carafe on a hot plate so that it can catch the vinegar.
    • Now, press the brew button once, and after 30 seconds stop the button. This helps vinegar to clean the inside of the coffee maker.
    • Now let the coffee maker cool, for 30 minutes and after 30 minutes pour the vinegar again and press the brew now button once again and continue the cycle for 4-5 times.
    • Now once the cycle is done you can empty the carafe and rinse it.
    • Now after emptying the carafe, you can run cold tap water two to three times through the machine.
    • Once done your coffee maker is ready to use and now you can brew coffee again. Do this for once a week or two to three times a month and as said it increases the life of the machine.

Clean the single-serve side of your flex brew:

  1. Now once again press the single-serve button on the front side of the coffee maker to enter the single-serve side.
    • Now pour one cup of vinegar in the single-serve water reservoir and also place a 14-oz cup or a travel mug to catch the vinegar.
    • Now press the brew button once to turn the machine on and after 30 seconds turn it off.
    • Now repeat the same step and after 30 minutes turn the brew on and allow the coffee maker to complete a brewing cycle.
    • Once its done, just empty the single-serve and rinse it.
    • Once done, run cold tap water for 2 to 3 times through the machine.
    • Once that is too done, you can use the single-serve machine again and it’s ready to brew coffee.

Why do I not get 12 cups from my 12-cup coffee maker?

Ans: The standard serving size is 5 ounces so better use a 5-ounce cup instead of an 8-ounce cup.

What is the best temperature to brew coffee?

Ans: The best temperature to brew and keep-warm temperature for coffee is 175-185 F.

Can I reheat cold coffee?

Ans: No, you cannot, the warming plate is not to reheat the cold coffee.

Why is my coffee maker noisy?

Ans: It is normal for the coffee maker to make sounds once it’s near at the end of the brew cycle, you can also hear the sound once the coffee maker is turned off and on.

What does water drop on my display mean?

Ans: It means that your water filter needs to be replaced.

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