How to Clean Waffle Maker ( step by step Guide )

When it comes to having delicious breakfast, then waffles still top the list and are an awesome choice for someone who needs to rush to their office every morning. Also, it becomes easier when you have a waffle iron at your home, then things escalate up more quickly and you can get things done more easily. This also helps you make fluffy waffles at your home and it is healthy compared to the restaurants where you might not know how the dish is prepared, and how or where it is stored.

So, if you want to make healthy waffles at the comfort of your home, just buy a waffle iron. Also, the other big advantage of having waffle iron is that you can try making new dishes and experiment with them if you the only person in your house. This helps you improve your cooking skills as well.

Now, when things come with advantages, they also have some disadvantages, the biggest disadvantage with waffle maker or waffle iron is that you need to clean it. Now there might not be so much food on your kids’ desk, then there is on the waffle iron. You need to clean it regularly so that the food does not stick on the base of the iron, and if you do not clean it regularly, the food sticks on the base, and then the waffle iron might lose its non-sticky nature as well. Also, you might get frustrated while cleaning lots of food on the waffle iron as it gets in between the grids, and then it becomes difficult to remove it.

So, let’s dive in right now and check how do we clean the waffle iron perfectly so that the non -stickiness doesn’t go and it is clean to use again and again.

First of all, let’s see how do we clean a waffle iron with non- removable plates.

Cleaning Waffle Iron With Non-Removable Plates:

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So, as well know its an electrical waffle iron so the first and the most important thing to do while cleaning an electrical waffle iron is that unplug it from the socket. If you don’t then because of water a short-circuit may occur, or the waffle iron may not function properly, so just for safety reasons unplug the waffle iron from the socket.

Also, allow it to cool for some time after unplugging it, as it comes with non-stick plates you cannot immerse the waffle iron in the water.

Once it is cool then you can remove the excess oil from the base plates of the waffle iron using a dry paper towel, by folding it and applying between the grids. Also, remember this removes the excess grease present on the waffle iron.

Next, you can apply sponge on the non-sticky plates but remember the sponge need not be too much in the water, very little application of water on sponge must do the job, also remember there are different types of sponge available for non-sticky plates in the market, so it would be recommended if you are using sponge especially for cleaning the waffle iron plates.

Now, once done with the sponge you can clean the empty spaces between the grids by using a brush so that the large or smaller crumbs that couldn’t be removed with the help of the sponge are removed using the brush. Now, again remember that the brush must be soft i.e., the bristles of the brush must be soft, as it is a non-stick plate, if by any chance the bristles are harsh, the plates much lose their non- stickiness. Also, you do not want to scratch the non-stick plates, so it is advisable to use a brush with smooth bristles.

Once done with the brushes now you can soak all the dried batter on the plates by placing a cloth on it. Firstly, soak the cloth in hot water and ring it so that it gets saturated and now place it on the base of the waffle iron and close it for a few minutes. By doing this all the dried batter on the waffle iron loses up the pesky crumbs.

Then after a few minutes using a rubber spatula to clean the left-over batter and other particles on the surface of the plates. You can also use a sponge but as suggested get it specifically only for cleaning the waffle plates.

Once done with the inside, the grids between the plates now you can clean the outer cover of the waffle iron using a damp cloth and remember that the water does not get inside the waffle iron, for safety reasons.

Now, let’s look at the cleaning of the waffle iron with removable plates.

A Step by Step Guide to Clean Waffle Maker:

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What if you have removable plates then you can follow these steps to clean the waffle iron.

  1. Now, we follow the same step for cleaning the waffle plates, we unplug the waffle iron from the socket and then remove the plates from the base of the iron. But remember let it cool first because you don’t want to get burnt while removing the plates.
  2. Now, once you have removed the plates from the base you can place the plates in hot water without any soap in it as again the waffle iron has non-sticky plates so soap might reduce the stickiness of the plates.
  3. Once you have placed the plates in hot water, you need to clean the plates with a sponge so that there is no dried batter or other crumbs on the plates. You can also use a brush to remove the larger crumbs from the waffle plates.
  4. Now, once you have cleaned the whole surface of the plates you can again rinse the plates with warm water, to clean it more accurately. Also, check for the manufacturer’s instructions on whether the waffle plates can go in the dishwasher or not. If yes, then you can clean the plates in the dishwasher too.
  5. Once, you are done with cleaning the plates allow them to dry and then fix them in again.
  6. Then you can clean the upper part of the waffle iron using a sponge or a brush so that it looks clean.


  • Never immerse your waffle iron totally in water.
  • Never use scrub pads or abrasive cleaners on plates of the waffle iron.
  • Never use a knife or sharp objects to remove the dried batter on the plates of your waffle iron.
  • Never use cooking spray on your plates unless it is written in the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Never use soap on the waffle iron plates.
  • Never clean your waffle iron when it’s hot.


  1. Always follow the user manual or the manufacturer’s instructions to clean the waffle iron, so that it does not damage the waffle iron plates.
  2. You need to use light cooking oil on the plates of the waffle iron before using it for the first time in the day, so make sure you need to use a refillable spray to apply oil and also use a brush to apply oil evenly on the surface.
  3. As mentioned in don’ts never immerse your waffle iron in the water.
  4. Also, apply grease on the waffle iron plates using oil, and we also recommend using butter in your batter so that the dishes do not stick to the plates of the waffle iron.

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